Street Style at Lagos Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2024 Trends

Street Style at Lagos Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2024 Trends
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    The Lagos Fashion Week, an internationally acclaimed event held in the Nigerian capital from October 25th to November 1st, once again illuminated the African fashion industry. Rapidly gaining prominence on both local and global stages, a new generation of young designers from Nigeria and other parts of Africa is taking the world by storm. They are reinventing luxury codes, harmonizing them with the rich local cultural heritage, all under the banner of sustainability.

    Among the participants in the runway shows for the Spring/Summer 2024 season, a minimalist and colorful trend emerged in the street style scene. Innovative denim interpretations, extending even to footwear, and playful layering with tulle tunics and elegant dresses took center stage.

    Below, we present the finest street style photos from the Spring 2024 runway shows in Lagos, captured by Stephen Tayo.

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