The Most Beautiful Shoes to Wear with High-Waisted Jeans for Contemporary Style Outfits

The Most Beautiful Shoes to Wear with High-Waisted Jeans for Contemporary Style Outfits
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    High-waisted jeans, once the stars of the '70s in flared and later in the '80s with ankle-tight cuts, have cyclically made comebacks and remain one of the most suitable models to accentuate the silhouette and instantly transform your style. The closure positioned at the navel or just below defines the waistline, elongating the figure, and adding a touch of retro to your look.

    The Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 runways have demonstrated the potential of high-waisted jeans and their timeless classic appeal, fabulous to pair with either elegant and sophisticated footwear or simple and normcore options.

    The Designers' Vision

    Brands like Gucci and Loewe confirm that high-waisted jeans will be the style statement for the remainder of the year and throughout 2024. The Florentine house presented them in an oversized and extra-long version, paired with suede loafers, while Jonathan Anderson, the creative director of the Spanish brand, crafted them in white, the so-called "Quiet Luxury," to match crab sandals.

    Even the wider jeans of the season are characterized by high waists, which have the merit of elongating the figure. Trendsetters pair them with mary jane flats adorned with studs or rhinestones. The Alaïa ballerinas, with rubber soles inspired by traditional Japanese shoes, are the fashion obsession of the moment, embraced by affordable brands like Zara and Mango.

    How to Pair Shoes with High-Waisted Jeans According to Street Style

    For the trendy high-waisted jeans of Autumn-Winter 2023, long with loose hems, don't go for the most predictable heels; rather, opt for pointed ballerina flats, prominent on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Ami, among others. A cult choice for the season.

    In Autumn-Winter 2023, high-waisted flared pants will be inseparable from normcore loafers. A minimalist and sophisticated combination that you can emulate to look perfect in the office or for casual moments.

    Among the avant-garde proposals of the season are embellished jeans, embroidered with crystal and pearl applications, floral motifs, or logo prints. In this case, we're talking about high-waisted jeans with the Loewe logo clearly visible, paired with a T-shirt and a black blazer. Dare to add an eccentric and contemporary note with footwear, such as patent leather ankle boots with a flared heel.

    Spotted on the streets of Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2024, as well as on the Autumn-Winter 2023 runways, wide-calf boots are characterized by free wearability and a casual, sometimes even sexy aesthetic. Wear them with jeans tucked in, strictly in black leather.

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