The Timeless Allure of Ballet Flats: A Collaboration Between Jacquemus and Repetto

The Timeless Allure of Ballet Flats: A Collaboration Between Jacquemus and Repetto
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    The fashion world is buzzing with excitement over the collaboration of two giants, Jacquemus and Repetto, joining forces to reinvent the classic women's accessory: ballet flats. At our shop,, we celebrate this irresistible fusion of style and tradition.

    Jacquemus, the globally acclaimed French brand, has recently unveiled teasers for its upcoming runway show, Les Sculptures, scheduled for January 29th at Fondation Maeght. The event promises hardened forms, fabric sculptures, and bold volumes, signaling a departure from the Le Chouchou collection presented last June.

    Among the hints of the new pieces to come, standout items include the Le Petit Calino mini bag, the open-toe Les Bottes Cubisto heels, and the sunglasses Les Lunettes Ovalo and Les Zizi Jacquemus. The latter, in particular, has caught attention as a reinterpretation of the iconic Oxford Zizi Shoes by Repetto.

    Repetto's story began in 1947 when Rose Repetto designed the first ballet flats for her son, the choreographer Roland Petit. Through an innovative "reverse stitching" technique, Rose created shoes that offered ideal comfort and mobility for dance, quickly becoming popular among internationally renowned dancers.

    In 1956, Brigitte Bardot joined the admirers of Repetto, requesting a pair of low, lightweight, and elastic shoes. Thus, the famous Cendrillon ballet flats were born, later renamed B.B.s in honor of the iconic French actress. Since then, Repetto ballet flats have graced the streets of Paris, worn by women from the realms of cinema, fashion, and dance.

    The Oxford Zizi Shoes, the focus of the collaboration with Jacquemus, became an icon in the 1970s. Inspired by jazz ballet shoes, these finely crafted leather shoes elegantly follow the foot's movements.

    Jacquemus's proposal for the Oxford Zizi Shoes features a square toe and a circular heel, offering a modern touch without compromising timeless elegance. The anticipation builds for the Les Sculptures runway show, where we will fully admire this captivating collaboration between the contemporary and the classic.

    At, proudly rooted in Florence, we look forward to providing our customers access to this extraordinary fusion of creativity and tradition. Stay tuned to uncover the details of this collaboration and let yourself be captivated by the timeless elegance of ballet flats reinvented by Jacquemus and Repetto.


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